Are you  looking for a sports photographer

to photograph your hockey game?

Or would you like to get some great action photos

of your son or daughter at there hockey game.

Contact me. 

I cover sports in Guelph, Acton, Milton, Georgetown.

If your looking for a photo of yourself, and you cant find it here, Contact me at 

And I will look in my files to see if you are there.

I normally take over 1000 pictures at every hockey game I shoot, but only post some of them.

Hire Daniel Price For Your Hockey Game Custom photography for your hockey or special event. Dan will get great action photography of you alone or with your hockey team through out the whole game. Cost for 12 digital photo files is $100 1 Hour personal photography session. I will be there for your full game, with my main focus on you. I will email you the hockey photos in high resolution. Hi resolution files make great prints. Would you like to purchase a print ? 8-1/2" x 11" Prints $20.00 13" x 19"Prints $35.00

Season Hockey Photo Super Pack Specials


Super Pack 1 - Get 5 photos of action photo shots of you

For your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.    (Perfect File Size )

Cost $30.00

Super Pack 2 - Split with a team mate , 5 photos each for 2 or more players

For Your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram  (Perfect file size)

Cost $20.00 per player.

How It works

Contact me by text or email, Let me know the team your on, your jersey number, when the game starts and where it is. 

I will be at the rink with my lens and eyes on you to capture great memories and photos for you. 

I will then edit the best photos for you, and email the files to you.

                                                         Text Dan 519-826-8371

Francis Hockey is a no contact hockey club.

If your thinking about joining a hockey team,  contact Francis Hockey for more information.

They are playing Monday and Thursday evenings at this time.

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